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Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Top-bewertete Touren, Aktivitäten & Ausflüge in London. Schnell & einfach buchen. Volle Rückerstattung bis zu 24 Stunden vor Tourbegin Facts about London Transport. The London Underground is the oldest underground railway network in the world. The London Underground, was built in 1863, and was the first metro of the world. The London Underground is known as 'the Tube'. 55% of the London Underground, is not underground. Five stations on the Underground system are named after pubs: Elephant & Castle, Angel, Swiss Cottage. London is the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south-east of England, at the head of its 50-mile (80 km) estuary leading to the North Sea, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. Londinium was founded by the Romans. The City of London, London's ancient core − an area of just 1.12 square miles (2.9 km 2) and.

London (deutsche Aussprache [ˈlɔndɔn], englische Aussprache [ˈlʌndən]) ist die Hauptstadt des Vereinigten Königreichs und des Landesteils England.Die Stadt liegt an der Themse in Südostengland auf der Insel Großbritannien.Das heutige Verwaltungsgebiet mit den insgesamt 33 Stadtbezirken entstand 1965 mit der Gründung von Greater London.Dort lebten 2018 rund 8,9 Millionen Menschen. Hier findet ihr 24 Fakten über London, die die Stadt noch spannender und interessanter machen. Mit interessanten Informationen zu vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten und Wissenswertem für eure nächste London Reise.. Der Name London stammt aus dem Lateinischen und wurde entsprechend dem Wort Londinium angepasst. Über die genaue Herkunft des Namens und seiner Bedeutung herrscht bis heute Unklarheit Interesting facts about London. 2 years ago. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. It is situated on the River Thames in the south east of the island of Great Britain. The population in 2016 is estimated to be as much as 8.63 million. London is the third most populous city in Europe, behind Istanbul and Moscow, and.

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20 facts about London's culture. Here are 20 of the many reasons why London is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world. 1. Three of the top ten museums and galleries in the world are in London and 857 art galleries in total. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kate Grobok (@kriptika) on Aug 19, 2019 at 9:52am PDT. 2. London has four UNESCO world heritage sites: Tower. 54 Amazing Facts About London That Will Blow Your Mind I wander thro' each charter'd street / Near where the charter'd Thames does flow. And mark in every face I meet / Marks of weakness, marks. 20 Interesting History Facts About London To Tell Your Friends. 23rd February 2018 Jess Kadel London Life We're lucky to have our accommodation in the city of London as it boasts a wealth of culture and history. This is why it is such a heavily visited city, with over 17 million people flocking to London in 2014 alone, according to the BBC.. If you'd like to learn a little more about the. London facts for kids. Kids Encyclopedia Facts. London; Clockwise from top: City of London skyline, Trafalgar Square, London Eye, Tower Bridge and a London Underground roundel in front of Elizabeth Tower. Sovereign State United Kingdom: Country England: Region: Greater London: Settled by Romans: c.43 AD (as Londinium) Area • Greater London: 1,572 km 2 (607 sq mi) • Urban: 1,737.9 km 2 (671.

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  1. 30) London has hosted the Olympic Games three times - in 1908, 1948 and 2012. No other city has played host this many times. In fact, the 1908 event achieved another record in its own right
  2. Here are 10 interesting facts about London that you might not already know... Close If you can't resist the pull of those big city lights, you're probably no stranger to London. After all, the English capital boasts a fair old few. But of course, that's not all this enticing destination offers. Whether it's world class shopping, diverse world cuisine or a host of historical and modern.
  3. Interesting facts about london. London is the biggest city in Britain and in Europe. London occupies over 620 square miles; London has a population of 7,172,036 (2001) About 12 per cent of Britain's overall population live in London ; London has the highest population density in Britain, with 4,699 people per square kilometre, London is in the southeast of England. London is the seat of.

24 fascinating London facts for kids The Romans founded London (sort of) Did you know Romans first settled in London some 2,000 years ago? Except, not in the current state it is today. It wasn't even properly called London back then. The Romans actually named it 'Londinium' and it was a lot smaller than London is now- only around the current size of Hyde Park. It was small enough, in. In der folgenden Übersicht haben wir wichtige Sehenswürdigkeiten Londons für dich zusammengestellt. Neben einem Foto gibt es auch einige kurze Fakten und oft auch eine kleine Geschichte. Wenn du dich auf ein Referat oder eine Präsentation über London vorbereitest, kannst du dir hier einen Überblick verschaffen und entscheiden, über welche Sehenswürdigkeiten du sprechen möchtest. 1. 25 Fun Facts about London. March 17, 2019 November 21, 2019. Visiting London has never been better than now. Christmas decorations sprawl in all directions. The city is bursting with happy Londoners and vibrant streets. And Christmas celebrations are like none other in the world. Before you go, here are fun facts about London to read on the plane. Our guide Anna went on a Moscow tour to beat. The medievil London Bridge contained shops and houses. The buildings on London Bridge were a major fire hazard. In 1831, a new London Bridge designed by John Rennie was opened. Rennie's bridge was wide and constructed of granite. Rennie's New London Bridge rebuilt, Lake Havasu City, Arizonia . In 1967, when London Bridge needed to be replaced it was sold to an America, Robert McCulloch. The. London Quick Facts & Figures. London inside UK map @ wikipedia user Nilfanion The world famous city of London attracts visitors from around the world each year; perhaps the most famous city on earth, London is the largest city in the UK and accounts for approx 13% of the UK population. London is a leading global city known for its arts, culture, tourism, commerce and is one of the world's.

Here are 30 Kickass and Interesting Facts About London. 1-5 Interesting Facts About London. 1. The people of Oslo, Norway present the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree each year in gratitude to the people of London for their assistance during World War 2. 2. A woman (Joyce Carol Vincent) was found dead on the couch of her London apartment in 2011, about 3 years after her death. The TV was still. London, city, capital of the United Kingdom. It is among the oldest of the world's great cities—its history spanning nearly two millennia—and one of the most cosmopolitan. By far Britain's largest metropolis, it is also the country's economic, transportation, and cultural center. Learn more about London Geographic and Historical Facts About London Share Flipboard Email Print xavierarnau / Getty Images Geography. Urban Geography Basics Physical Geography Political Geography Population Country Information Key Figures & Milestones Maps By. Amanda Briney. Geography Expert. M.A., Geography, California State University - East Bay ; B.A., English and Geography, California State University.

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The history of London, the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, extends over 2000 years.In that time, it has become one of the world's most significant financial and cultural capital cities. It has withstood plague, devastating fire, civil war, aerial bombardment, terrorist attacks, and riots.. The City of London is the historic core of the Greater London metropolis, and is today. Top 10 Facts About The City Of London London covers 600 square miles and has a population of 8.6 million, but only its oldest part, just one square mile in size, is called the City of London. That is where the Romans founded the city of Londinium shortly after they arrived in 43AD

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London - Die wichtigsten Informationen über die Hauptstadt Großbritanniens in einem übersichtlichen Steckbrief, Reisetipps, Sehenswürdigkeiten und viele Bilder Interessante Fakten über London. Ob witziges oder unnützes Wissen, wir haben hier einige interessante Fakten über London gesammelt.Wussten Sie dass Das heutige London ist aus zwei Städten in seiner Mitte entstanden: Der City of London, auch the City genannt, das geschäftliche und finanzielle Herz Großbritanniens. Und der City of Westminster wo sich das Parlament, Regierungsgebäude. Londons East End ist ein klassisches Immigrantenviertel. Hier leben Einwanderer aus der Karibik, Afrika oder Indien. Die Gegend um Brick Lane ist das Zuhause vieler Bangladescher, in Stamford Hill leben orthodoxe Juden, Vauxhall ist das Viertel der Portugiesen. Karneval in Southwark. London ist eine Weltreise im Minutentakt. In Brixton fühlt man sich wie im Herzen Afrikas - würde nur das. 30 Interesting Facts About London. London is a city immersed in history. Places like the Tower of London, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, they are all some of the oldest buildings in the city that will take your breath away. London's not just about buildings and history though, it's one of the most innovative cities in the world. It's a city. 15 Interesting Facts About London & England. We all know that England is an interesting country with an impressive history and I'm sure you've heard many interesting facts about London and the UK. However, did you know that approximately 2,500 people have to be rushed to hospital every year for injuries caused by toothbrushes?!

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London & Partners ist in England unter der Nummer 7493460 eingetragen. Eingetragener Firmensitz: London & Partners, 2 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2RR. London & Partners ist die offizielle Werbeagentur von London. Wir präsentieren London und möchten Unternehmen, Events, Studenten und Besucher in die Hauptstadt einladen The Millennium Bridge was the first new bridge to be built over the Thames in London for more than 100 years. Usually, all new bridges across the Thames require an Act of Parliament to be passed There was a lot of damage to London during the Second World War, with some of the worst damage being done to the City, around (and including) St Paul s Cathedral. You can often tell where a bomb landed by the fact that there is a modern building surrounded by older (usually Victorian) buildings. During the Blitz, many people took shelter in the. Die London Underground ist die älteste U-Bahn der Welt und besitzt die größte Netzlänge europäischer U-Bahnen. Sie erschließt neben der City of London besonders nördlich der Themse weite Teile der britischen Hauptstadt London sowie einige angrenzende Gebiete.. Der erste Streckenabschnitt der Metropolitan Railway (die heutige Metropolitan Line) wurde am 10

Tower of London, royal fortress and London landmark. Its buildings and grounds served historically as a royal palace, a political prison, a place of execution, an arsenal, a royal mint, a menagerie, and a public records office. It is located on the north bank of the River Thames Facts About London! Interesting Trivia Quiz . 13 Questions | By Girasol | Last updated: Apr 16, The River that runs through London is called. A. The River Tyne. B. The River James. C. The River Fleet. D. The River Thamse. 7. London is one of the world's largest. A. Financial centres. B. Fashion centres. C. Hightech centres. D. Automobile centres. 8. London was the first city. A. To have an. Jetzt, da ihr die Top 25 Sehenswürdigkeiten in London kennengelernt habt, wird es Zeit, euch auf die Suche nach einem tollen London Schnäppchen zu machen und in die britische Hauptstadt zu fliegen! Die besten London Angebote zeige ich euch wie immer hier bei mir. Durchstöbert meine Seiten und schaut auch mal bei meiner neuen Buchungsstrecke vorbei! Denn dort könnt ihr selbst nach einer. Fun & Interesting Facts About London. London stands on the southeast of England and is the capital city of United Kingdom. London is the most densely populated area in Britain and is the ninth largest city in the world. London is formed by two ancient cities - City of London and City of Westminster, both cities forming the region of Greater London. During the time of the Roman Invasion, London.

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Tower Bridge was officially opened by the Prince of Wales (not the current one obviously) over 120 years ago. This special bridge is one that many associate with London. Anyone who sees this Bridge immediately knows that it's in London (so it's often the first thing shown in stock footage about London). It's certainly a [ London facts are filled with amazing accounts of battles and regular warring for the development of whole nations. Europe was being carved up quite literally at the time. The history of London England was directly impacted by the continuous exchanges of power in the greater country as a whole. The middle ages saw disaster strike especially in the middle part of the fourteenth century when the.

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London is home to a disproportionate number of mind-blowing facts. I live in Canada and us Canadians have always been fascinated by London and all the crazy, insane stuff that goes down there. You. London, has the largest and most dense city population in the United Kingdom. Its population consisted of 8.67 million inhabitants as of 2015. This number is forecast to experience exponential. Alright muvvafaactaaaaas?! (That's a typed out attempt of a cockney accent, did it work?) In case that didn't give it away, we're off to the land of queens,. London's cultural life is surrounded by myth and stereotypes, which is not too surprising considering the city's cultural industries are among the best known in the world. Here are 20 interesting facts that confirm the city's status. 1. Three out of the ten largest and most popular museums in the world are located in London. The city has.

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London Facts; 37 Amazing London Facts. By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer. Published December 18, 2019. London contains four World Heritage Sites: 1) the Tower of London, 2) Kew Gardens, 3) the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and St Margaret's Church, and 4) Maritime Greenwich. [17] The Black Death killed about 1/3 of Europe's population (25 million people) in the 15th century. London. London is a major retail centre, and in 2010 had the highest non-food retail sales of any city in the world, with a total spend of around £64.2 billion. The UK's fashion industry, centred on London, contributes tens of billions to the economy. Manufacturing and construction. For the 19th and much of the 20th centuries London was a major manufacturing centre (see Manufacturing in London), with. 50 Interesting facts about the London Underground by 1st Contact | Sep 30, 2016 Categories. Accounting (73) anyone who's ever been to the city has undoubtedly used it at some point. Here are 50 facts to share with fellow travellers on your next journey. An average of 2.7 million Tube journeys are made on the London Underground every day. Only three babies have ever been born in the Tube.

London ist die Hauptstadt Großbritanniens.Zugleich befindet sich dort der Buckingham Palace, der Wohnsitz der englischen Königsfamilie Windsor. Die Stadt hat über acht Millionen Einwohner und ist damit eine der größten Städte in Europa.Sie liegt im Südosten Englands, am Fluss Themse, über den Schiffe in die Nordsee fahren können.. Bis vor etwa 100 Jahren war London die größte Stadt. London er hovedstaden i Storbritannia og England. London er byregionen med høyeste innbyggertall i Storbritannia. Med sin beliggenhet langs elven Themsen har London vært en sentral by siden den ble grunnlagt av romerne for to årtusener siden under navnet Londinium.Londons opprinnelige bykjerne, City of London, som i 2011 hadde 7 375 innbyggere på et areal på 2,9 km², er Englands minste by One of the most popular streets of London and one of the Europe's busiest shopping destination in London UK. The Oxford Street has many lesser known facts and stories about it. These interesting stories will definitely charm the curious tourist

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Oli London Profile And Facts: Oli London (올리 런던) is a singer based in London under Oli London Entertainment. He made his debut with the song Perfection on 3rd February 2019. Oli London Fandom Name: - Oli London Official Fan Color: - Stage Name:Oli London (올리 런던) Birthday: January 14, 1990 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Chinese Zodiac Sign: [ Madame Tussauds, Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5LR. Closest Tube? Baker Street and Regent's Park. Opening Times? Monday - Friday: 9,30am - 5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday: 9am - 6pm. To get a discount for Madame Tussauds or for faster entry to the celebrated museum, be sure to purchase your Madame Tussauds tickets online in advance. Take a picture, plenty of selfies and savour every moment.

Book your tickets online for the top things to do in London, England on Tripadvisor: See 1,746,792 traveler reviews and photos of London tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in June. We have reviews of the best places to see in London. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions London's 2020 population is now estimated at 9,304,016.In 1950, the population of London was 8,360,847. London has grown by 642,635 since 2015, which represents a 1.44% annual change. These population estimates and projections come from the latest revision of the UN World Urbanization Prospects.These estimates represent the Urban agglomeration of London, which typically includes London's. London Facts & Figures. Location London Location; Population London Population; Distance Distance from London to other cities; Flags Country, regional and city flags; Continent: Europe: Country: United Kingdom: Region: England: City: London : Coordinates: 51:30:40N 0:07:31W: Altitude: 14m / 49ft : Currency: Pound sterling (GBP) Language: English : Time zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) UTC+0.

Sehenswürdigkeiten in London. Die Aussicht genießen, Historisches Entdecken, durch wunderbar angelegte Parks spazieren, ausgiebig shoppen oder die Spuren von britischen Traditionen aufspüren: Kurz, in dieser Stadt gibt es unglaublich viel zu entdecken. Wir haben hier eine Auswahl der Top Sehenswürdigkeiten in London zusammengestellt London Basic BASIC FACTS AND INFORMATION London is an international centre of culture in terms of arts, music, festivals, museums and much more. The diversity of cultures within city is so great that easy definition is impossible. The city is home to more than 300 nationalities that have over time, molded and shaped the city's culture into what it is today. London is more than one of the great. Wahrzeichen in London: Schauen Sie sich Bewertungen und Fotos von 10 interessanten Sehenswürdigkeiten in London, England auf Tripadvisor an

Facts about London Blitz 8: the ports. Many ports were targeted by German such as the ports located in Southampton, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Bristol, Swansea and Cardiff. Check Also: 10 Facts about Liverpool. Facts about London Blitz 9: the life of British. During the air raid by German, the commoners of Britain had to live in fear. Over 40,000. Here are twenty facts about the Tower of London castle: The Tower of London is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and it stands on the north bank of the River Thames separated from the City of London by Tower Hill.; The Normans built the earliest parts of the castle. William the Conqueror constructed the White Tower in 1078 and this gives the whole castle its name Das London Eye dreht sich mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 0,26 Metern in der Sekunde - also etwa einem Kilometer in der Stunde - und braucht für eine Umdrehung circa 30-40 Minuten. Durch die geringe Geschwindigkeit wird der Fahrgastwechsel während der Fahrt möglich, so dass das Rad nur anhält, um zum Beispiel Rollstuhlfahrern den Einstieg zu ermöglichen. 5. Es steht schon über 11. Der Tower of London diente nicht nur den britischen Königen als Residenz, sondern fungierte auch als Werkstatt, Lager, Zoo, Waffenkammer, Münzprägestätte, Gefängnis, Archiv und Hinrichtungsstätte. Heute ist der Tower ein Museum, in dem Sie Ausstellungen über das Gebäude selbst besichtigen. Zudem finden Sie hier eine Sammlung der Royal Armouries (britische Museum für Waffen und. Der Tower of London ist eine der berühmtesten Festungen der Welt. Er wurde 1086 von Wilhelm dem Eroberer gebaut und ist seitdem Teil der britischen Geschichte. Im Laufe der Zeit diente er als Waffenkammer, Zoo, Schatzkammer, Gefängnis und Königspalast. Anfangs war der Tower bei den Londonern sehr unbeliebt, da er ein Zeichen der Unterdrückung durch die neue Regierungshand war. Zahlreiche.

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There are 270 stations on London's tube network covering a total route of 402km (250 miles). London's busiest station. Waterloo is London's busiest railway station with around 82 million passengers per year. Cost of education. Just under half (47%) of all local government spending in the capital goes on education. Fall in council tax . Between 2010/11 and 2013/14 Council Tax charges in London. Create lasting memories by combining your lastminute.com London Eye ticket with up to 4 top rated London tourist attractions. Start your adventure with us and save over 50% when combining. Plus, book online today and enjoy the flexibility to visit up until 31st December 2020 In 2012/13 violent crime in London amounted to 150,168 offences, but year-on-year increases resulted in 250,287 violent offences by 2017/18. From 2015/16 to 2017/18, the number of knife crimes. The Tower of London always kept ravens for good luck. Sadly one of their wings is cut so that they can't fly. Superstitious people say that if the ravens leave, the kingdom will crumble down. They are fed blood dipped biscuits and raw meat. 5 Interesting Tower of London Facts. The story Prince in the Tower is inspired from the true story of a twelve year old prince who was imprisoned.

London mit Kindern ist als Großstadturlaub sicherlich mit etwas Geschick gut machbar. Die Anreise ist kurz und eignet sich daher bestens für einen kurzen Aufenthalt mit der ganzen Familie. London hat viel für Kinder zu bieten. Allerdings sollte man einige Aktivitäten bereits im voraus planen und buchen und Streß und Hektik vor Ort zu vermeiden. Aktuelle Infos über Veranstaltungen für. Tower Bridge is in London: it crosses the River Thames near the Tower of London.It is a drawbridge, which allows ships through the bridge deck when the deck is raised in the centre at an angle.. The north side of the bridge is Tower Hill, and the south side of the bridge comes down into Bermondsey, an area in Southwark.It is far more visible than London Bridge, which people often mistake it for general facts about london, facts Infos über London, zu Reiseplanung, günstigen Hotels, Tickets für alle Attraktionen: London Pass, London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Sightseeingtoure

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40 things you probably didn't know about Big Ben - the latest victim of Brexit squabbling Save Big here are 40 facts for your arsenal about London's beloved icon. 1. Tourists and locals. 32 Things You Might Not Know About London. Ready to be enlightened? Step this way. by Luke Lewis. BuzzFeed Executive Editor, UK . 1. Via tate.org.uk. 2. Flickr: austrian. 10 Fascinating Facts About Covent Garden, London March 13, 2017 November 11, 2017 David James history, pubs. Here are 10 fascinating facts about this historic area of London. 1. Covent Garden was once the bustling center of an Anglo-Saxon trading town . Established about a mile to the west of Londinium—the old Roman settlement now known as the City of London or the Square Mile. Since the 19th century, London has also referred to the sprawling metropolis surrounding the old city Londinium. London has been a major settlement for over two millennia. Facts about this ancient city could also go on for two millennia but we decided to cut it down a bit. Here's our list of little known facts about London

Tower of London: More Than a Tower. The Tower of London is not just a tower, as its name suggests--it's actually a complete castle. Soon after William the Conqueror became King of England in 1066. The Tower of London is one of the city's most famous historical landmarks, and has a fascinating history. Here are 10 Tower of London facts. 1. It was built as a royal palace and a defence system. The Tower was founded by William the Conqueror towards the end of the 1066. The primary function of military stronghold of the Tower didn't.

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In this lesson, visiting landmarks of London, England, will take you back in history over one thousand years! Read on to find out about important London landmarks, including Westminster Abbey, Big. Facts about London Gangs inform the readers about the crime in London. The concentration of gang organized crime is situated not only in London, but also in Liverpool and Manchester. According to Serious Organized Crime Agency, the south coast, West Midlands region and Northern England also have the gangs

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No matter how many times you ride it, there's always something new to learn. 25 amazing facts about the London Underground Übersicht über die wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten von London inkl. Karte. Alle interessanten Orte enthalten Insidertipps, Adressen, Preise. (u.a London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Hyde Park, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, The Shard - und vieles mehr The London Eye is a large metal Ferris wheel.It is also known as the Millennium Wheel and is one of the largest observation wheels in the world. Since mid-January 2015 it has been known in branding as the Coca-Cola London Eye, after an agreement signed in September 2014. The London Eye is at the western end of Jubilee Garden, on the South Bank of the river Thames, between Westminster Bridge. Top 10 Facts about the Tower of London The Tower of London located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London is a top 10 London tourist attraction. Visitors are mainly drawn to the Tower of London to see the spectacular display of The Crown Jewels, part of the Royal Collection and still regularly used by Her Majesty The Queen The Tower of London is a 900-year-old castle and fortress in central London that is notable for housing the crown jewels and for holding many famous and infamous prisoners

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London calling Portrait of a City . Das könnte Ihnen auch gefallen. Harry Benson. The Beatles US$ 1.000. In den Warenkorb . London. Portrait of a City, Paul Smith Edition No.... US$ 850. In den Warenkorb. London. Portrait of a City, Paul Smith Edition No.... US$ 850. In den Warenkorb. Berlin. Porträt einer Stadt. Standing in the centre of Westminster City, Buckingham Palace serves as the official residence and administrative headquarters for the monarch of the United Kingdom. The monarchy uses the palace as a place for royal hospitality and important state occasions. Learn more with our 50 facts about Buckingham Palace London Heathrow Airport is the world's busiest airports by international passenger traffic, and the third for total traffic. In 2007, Inner London - West had a GDP per capita at PPP of (US$ 152,116) - the highest of any city on Earth. In 2010, Eurostat calculated that Inner London's GDP per capita stood at 328% of the EU27 average The Great Fire of London raged for three days in 1666, leaving Britain's trade hub and governing city in ruins. But how much do you know about those dramatic days? The blaze of 1666 was neither first nor the last fire to strike at the capital but the Great Fire of London was one of the most devastating events in the city's history. Raging from 1am on Sunday 2 September to dawn on Wednesday.

Wappen von London Landesteil: England Fläche: 1.572 km2 Einwohner: 8.173.900 Bevölkerungsdichte: 5.200 Einwohner/km2(Stadt) Vorwahl: 02 Olympic Facts & Figures. Beijing 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony Put on your Olympic thinking caps and pay attention - here are a few things you may not have known about London 2012. Filter by category: The Games 3 Number of times the Olympics have come to London (1908, 1948, 2012) 10,500 Olympic athletes competing for 205 nations 4,200 Paralympic athletes competing for 165 nations 302. Fact 5 - Wife Beating. Man is the only male who beats his female. - Georges Courtteline. So treat women the same way you would want your daughter to be treated. The fact is, London law banned wife beating after 9:00 P.M. Why? Because the noise disturbed people's sleep. Interesting Facts About London Fact 6 - Amazin London Facts. 150m+ Buildings: 21 Completed • 17 Under Constr. 300m+ Buildings: 1 Completed: Tallest Building: The Shard (306 m) Global Ranking #50 in the world by no. of 150m+ completed buildings; Regional Ranking #3 in Europe by no. of. 5.098 Kostenlose Bilder zum Thema London. 588 671 49. Tiere Vögel Natur. 575 524 77. Tower Bridge London. 533 566 50. London Parlament. 395 398 43. London Tower Bridge. 335 373 95. Städtischen Himmel. 247 215 26. London England. 234 244 34. Telefonzelle Rot London. 219 301 7. London Laterne Big Ben. 219 196 17. London Eye Riesenrad. 218 214 16. London England. 185 244 17. London Uhr. London's Fashion industry including facts and figures about the main areas in London where fashion designers are situated, how much the fashion industry is worth to the city of London, the most famous fashion houses along with information on London fashion week or other important fashion events in London

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